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Yellowstone's Golden Eagle

Al Berman


Al Berman has consistently pushed the envelope in live television broadcasting, having produced some of the most highly rated and groundbreaking shows in television history and logging more than 6,000 hours of network television. He's also a renowned natural history and adventure documentarian.

He has received four National Emmy Awards and the Peabody Award.


Since forming his eponymous production company in 2000, Berman has served as the executive producer and showrunner of massive live events: Survivor, The Biggest Loser, Rockstar: INXS, The Contender, The Simple Life, The Marriage Ref,Heaven Sent, Live From Space, Earth Live, David Blaine’s Ascension and many others.


Berman currently serves as the executive producer and showrunner of an adventure docuseries for NBC/Peacock. He is also developing a live, nationwide, three-hour streaming event slated for 2024.


He is widely considered to be the world's leading independent live natural history producer. Berman created and executive produced: Earth Live, a worldwide two-hour television event for National Geographic featuring 59 live cameras, spanning 25 locations, 15 countries and 6 continents; two seasons of Yellowstone Live for National Geographic; Heaven Sent on FOX network featuring the world’s best skydiver Luke Aikins as he jumped out of a 5-mile-high plane without a parachute and landed safely in a giant, specially-designed net; and Live From Space featuring a unique collaboration with NASA to produce six hours of live television from the International Space Station, earning a Primetime Emmy for Second Screen Experience. He recently executive produced an NBC primetime pilot starring Usher and Serena Williams.


Berman began his career in television news as the executive producer of shows such as CBS This Morning, The Early Show and America Tonight, and he traveled the world with Dan Rather for CBS Evening News. He ran special events coverage from Ground Zero on 9/11 and was executive producer of the Winter Olympic Games in Nagano, Japan.


Berman’s first stint as an independent producer was to create a live broadcast for the final episode of Survivor; here Berman invented the “live reveal,” a reunion show/finale template that has since become ubiquitous on broadcast and cable television. The live reveal is a live show disguised as a taped show, only for its live-status to be “revealed” to the audience during a critical moment. 60 million people watched the season finale of Survivor that night on CBS, the beginning of a trend for Berman finales: 11 million viewers for The Biggest Loser on NBC and several millions for The Contender on NBC, Gold Rush on Discovery and The Challenge XXX: Dirty Thirty on MTV.


Berman also produces series television, including Rockstar: INXS, NBC/Jerry Seinfeld’s series The Marriage Ref, FX cable stalwart The Ultimate Fighter Live, and broadcast network specials such as America: a Tribute to Heroes, ABC’s Challenge America, FOX’s America's Most Wanted Presents Judgment Night: DNA, NBC’s America’s Favorite Mom, NBC’s Guinness World Records Live Top 100, and FOX’s Stars in Danger.


Berman is a former US Army Medic and Advanced Life Support Paramedic.



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